My Shopper Account

I'm sorry, but we cannot change any of this information for you. You can easily login to your user profile on the White Clay shopper website and make this change yourself.

For security reasons, we cannot email your password to you. On the login page you'll see a button that says, Email me my password.

If you no longer wish to receive e-mails about available shops in your area, please login to your account and either: 1) Change the option at the top of your shopper profile or 2) Deactivate your account.

My Assignments

You will be able to access all shop materials as soon as the shop has been assigned to you. Simply login to your shopper log. Click on "CONFIRM" to confirm acceptance of the shop. Click on "View Guidelines" and open the file to read or print them. At this point, the "View/Submit" option will be available to you.

The eligible start date and due date will be made known to you before you even apply for the shop, so NEVER self-assign or even apply for a shop before you have checked your schedule for potential conflicts. You are permitted to perform the shop on the start date, the due date, or any day in between. If you perform your shop prior to the due date, you can submit your on-line report anytime within 24 hours of leaving the shop location. If you wait to perform your shop on the due date, you are required to submit your completed report by Midnight of the same day.

Most of our surveys include fields where such documentation can be uploaded directly onto the shop form. In these cases, you should scan or clearly photograph the item and upload the image. Be sure that your images are saved in .jpg, .gif, .pdf, or .bmp format, as those are the only file formats supported by our system. If there is no field for uploading your documentation on the forms, you can email the files to your White Clay scheduler.

Every shop report you submit to White Clay is reviewed by our editing staff and given a score from 1 to 10. Your performance on EVERY shop is important, as our editors' ratings indicate your fitness for mystery shopping and directly influence your likelihood of receiving future assignments with White Clay. We award a score of 10 to shop reports that:

  • Adhere to the client's rules set forth in the guidelines and on the shop form
  • Have lots and lots of details about all aspects of the experience
  • Fully explain/verify ALL No answers
  • Have perfect grammar (no fragments or run-on sentences, as well as perfect spelling, punctuation, capitalization, etc.)
  • Require no significant changes or edits on our part whatsoever

So a 10 truly indicates a perfect shop that can be sent as-is to the client. It is possible to achieve this, but you need to provide many details and proofread very carefully.

Payment Issues

It depends. Some shops offer only a reimbursement for purchases (common for restaurant shops), some offer a payment plus reimbursement (common for many retail assignments), and many shops are rewarded even though the shopper is not required to spend ANY money out of pocket (common for bank and apartment shops).

Payments will often vary depending on an array of factors (e.g. the complexity of the work, standard of living based on United States geography, availability of shoppers in a geographical area, etc.) Shoppers are ALWAYS informed of the payment and expense limit of a given assignment. Furthermore, as an independent contractor, you are always at liberty to accept or decline any assignment.

We only pay through Paypal, so you MUST have a Paypal account in order to work with White Clay. If you do not already have an account, you can create one for free on Paypal's secure website. Please note that the email address you use for us and for Paypal must match in order for payment to be processed. This is our only way of linking payments to shops completed, so you MUST change one or the other so they match. Paypal DOES allow you to register multiple email addresses for the same account.

After a White Clay reviewer has verified that your shop was performed in accordance with the shop guidelines, your shop will be finalized and your Paypal account will generally be credited in 30-60 days. If 60 days passes and your Paypal account does not say Pending, then contact our billing coordinator for swift resolution.

The payment and expense limits are set forth in the shop instructions before you even apply for a shop. You do not get paid beyond the maximum reimbursement amount, even if you spend MORE than the maximum reimbursement amount.

You will only be reimbursed for money you spend. For example, you might be assigned to a dinner shop that carries a maximum reimbursement of $40.00. If your bill is only $20.00, you will be reimbursed $20.00. A reasonable tip (up to 20%) is also reimbursable if the total plus tip equals less than the maximum reimbursement amount. In this scenario you would be reimbursed $20.00 + $4.00 tip = $24.00 Total. Make sure to include the total (including the tip amount) in the Amount Spent field on your shop form. When reimbursements are in order, a receipt of your transaction is always required.


We love your enthusiasm, but this is extremely rare. Most of our shops carry a mandatory waiting period that locks out shoppers from performing shops at the same location for a certain length of time (e.g. 60 days for some of our restaurant clients.) In addition to allowing a greater number of our shoppers to get involved, this block-out period allows us to: 1) Ensure the anonymity of our shoppers (so you can keep going back); and 2) Ensure the validity of the resulting data (which is eliminated once the staff knows you're a shopper).